Guide for Building Mobile with LC

Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Wed Feb 11 14:41:35 EST 2015

Finally, after several years of server side coding, we are going to 
build an app in LC.

I come with my begging bowl. I have a big of a learning curve in front 
of me and would like any advice for key resources to get  started on the 
right foot.

As far as UX strategy etc we have more than enough resources there... so 
while we create a Personas document (user stories/use cases) and 
prototype UI a wire frame tool...

In the meantime I'm interested  in a "course" on building mobile with 
LC.. e.g. what objects scale automatically, for every image that we put 
on the screen how many copies of that do we need. etc.

Any links or advice for "go to" will be appreciaterdc.

I'm going to start with Kevin's Demo...

Swasti Astu, Be Well!

Kauai's Hindu Monastery

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