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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Feb 11 11:01:31 EST 2015

Mike Kerner wrote:
> Next FIX: posted: 14475 - Project Browser doesn't hold resize.  Yeah, it's
> another tiny one, but hey, it'll be #2 for me...

Thanks for submitting that, Mike.

Even small things like that help make the IDE more solid, so I 
appreciate your taking the time to post that.

Ben's making some substantial revisions to the Project Browser for v8, 
but I suspect those changes won't affect the v7.x PB, so with any luck 
we may see that fix applied in v7.0.3.

If you're wondering "Why not in 7.0.2"?, right now all non-critical 
issues are in freeze for 7.0.2 so the team can focus on delivering the 
fix for Apple's latest iOS change, the new requirement for 64-bit 
compatibility (which is awesome, since of course all iOS devices have 
more than 4GB RAM <g>).

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