The Future of Animation in LiveCode

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Wed Feb 11 09:09:22 EST 2015

People have been making games and some types of animation with LC/RR for 
over a decade, and progress will continue. No barriers if you choose the 
right project and build around the features.

My nerve disease acts up during winter and makes it harder to type or 
talk, so releasing updates such as FT and WordLib will keep me busy for 
a while.

But later this year I would like to start a game with current graphics, 
either for a client or for myself.

Last year I did an LC 6 app containing animation and it ran acceptably 
even on the weakest Android hardware. And some Full HD testing to check 
LC game worthiness had decent results. LC's got the mojo.

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

Custom Software Development

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