The Future of Animation in LiveCode

Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue Feb 10 23:01:12 EST 2015

Colin Holgate wrote:
> Flash Pro can publish to HTML5 Canvas and HTML5 WebGL (2D). It’s an extremely good option when it comes to creating animation rich interactive applications for iOS Safari.

How might such be incorporated in an LC app? only via the browser 
object... right?

@ Bob Sneider:  right, critical mass for a development environment for 
animation creation inside LC is probably not going to happen, though a 
physical engine would be nice... There are too many existing tools, both 
free and expensive (Blender, Unity) that are way, way out in front.

OTOH: if LC could just, natively render/play them... that would be huge.

I can get any number of animations created "outside" what I want is to 
be able to run them "inside" LC.

i.e. perhaps  extending the player object  may be in the realm of doable.


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