The Future of Animation in LiveCode

Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Mon Feb 9 21:49:29 EST 2015

I'm curious  what insights there are into the future of animation in 

The adage that children are exposed to super high production values
(Think Disney, Entertainment Arts)  is true, but at the same time I've 
seen kids/adults super fascinated with some pretty basic old style side 
scroller things.

*if* the

a) the plot line is good and
b) the graphics are high quality (gorgeous art/stills)
c) add a little sound...

But  now we have Maya, Blender, Unity, etc... Scary learning curves! So 
I'm looking to stay inside LC  for simple presentation animation.

But Livecode is such a great platform for delivery of anything.

Like the Unity adventure games that one of our young monks is 
building... new to our media team: he played lots of video games as a 
kid and has convinced us that he can do it.. and he is! terrain, 
characters and all...  but time lines he's giving for getting something 
done are also scary "1 year.+"  Yikes!

Now if only we could only load and drive FBX assets  inside LC that 
would be interesting.  and a separate but related subject... what are 
the tools people use to do that thing of writing on a black/white board 
and having this appear in a view as if it were being written up as the 
speaker talks...

I guess this is all about the player object in in LC which is still 

Swasti Astu, Be Well!

Kauai's Hindu Monastery

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