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Scott Rossi scott at
Mon Feb 9 22:32:21 CET 2015

This was a fun little challenge.  Try this stack via your message box
(3.8MB download):
go url ""

Click the map to zoom, click again to zoom out.

Until we get built-in easing effects in the engine (needed desperately),
I¹m a big proponent of Malte¹s Animation Engine.  The command I used is
aeChangeRect, and depending on how large your map is, you may need to
toggle the resizeQuality of the image to get best performance, which is
done here.

It¹s unlikely you¹ll get as smooth performance as you can within a
browser, as is done with Google Maps, so you might investigate using a
³real² map if you can, via the browser object, or use something like
jQuery to manipulate the map image within the browser.

Hope this helps.


Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, UX/UI Design

On 2/9/15, 12:40 PM, "Brahmanathaswami" <brahma at> wrote:

>Does anyone have scripts for zooming in and out on a photo?  I got
>animationEngine, but I don't see anything there that will help me.  I'm
>hoping it can be fairly smooth.
>Use case: high quality "political world map" (includes states/cities)
>zoom in on specific countries, even states.
>the "Functional Spec" would go something like this:
>a) preset  percentage to scale up with a nice smooth magnification
>action over time (that's why I was hoping to use animation engine as
>Malte has the "easing" thing wired", then click to shrink down to the
>b) the "magnification" UX would  shift the center of the view to the
>center of the card for the scaled up part.  And "back down" moves the
>image to it's original location.
>c) once the above is working then we can also pass a percentage from a
>pull down (depends on context whether we want a fixed amt or offer a
>menu of enlargement choices first.
>Now... I could build this myself, but I thought why reinvent the
>wheel... has anyone else done anything along these lines? If not all the
>above requirements, at least the zoom in and out part?
>Swasti Astu, Be Well!
>Kauai's Hindu Monastery
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