[not quite OT] Serving a standalone

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sun Feb 8 18:21:57 EST 2015

William Prothero wrote:

 > Richard:
 > Whoops, I see you said the downloads were erased at the end of each
 > session.
 > Where do you put the executables? On the Mac, in the Applications
 > folder there would have to be the admin permissions given.
 > The Documents folder? The Application Support folder inside the
 > user’s Library folder? Or….

Just as a browser is needed to download HTML, there needs to be some app 
on the client machine to download the stacks.  It can be in the 
Applications folder, or wherever else the user wants.

This app can be very slender script-wise, needing only enough code to 
download the first stack from the server.  In most cases it's very rare 
that it needs to be updated.  Just pick a recent LiveCode version that 
does what you need, and you may go years without having to update that 
client app.

So for the stacks that get downloaded, you may never need to save them 
locally at all.  That's up to you.  If they're particularly large you 
might set their filename to a path in App Support and issue a save 
command, but if they're small enough to transfer quickly you can just 
use them in memory during the session and let them go away when the app 
quits, knowing you'll get fresh copies from the server next time you launch.

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