Best Practice: Prevent Substacks from Triggering Main Stack Scripts

Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sat Feb 7 02:47:31 CET 2015

Richard Gaskin wrote:

1) If the mainstack is a single card, just put the handler in the card 

2) If the mainstack has multiple cards, put the handler in a common 
group script.

3) If neither of those are viable in your setup, you could add a check 
to make sure the long name of "me" is in the long ID of the target.

BR:  Understood. I doing # 2 now... so I guess that will do for now.

>> How do you do this in real code
>> on resizestack x,y
>>   if this stack is not the stack that this handler resides in then
>>     do nothing
>> else
>>    set the rect of some grc to the rect of this card
>> # and other tricks here  relating to dynamic geometry changes...
>>    end if
>> end resizestack

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