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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Feb 6 15:49:14 EST 2015

Andrew Kluthe wrote:
 > I'm trying to run some cleanup handlers to delete temporary files
 > when my standalone exits. I was wanting to now if there was a way
 > to trap when an application is quit via ending the process abruptly
 > in the task manager on Windows (in my case 7).
 > I was hoping the shutdownRequest message would get hit when this
 > is done, but testing it on windows 7 and LC 6.5.5 it exits without
 > sending shutdownRequest
 > I can already handle when the my application is quit through more
 > conventional means, but I want these temp files cleaned up regardless
 > of how it exits (unless its a crash of course, etc).
 > Any tips on what to try next?

Kill is kill - there's nothing an app can to when the rug is pulled out 
from under it.

You could instead handle cleanup in your app's initialization.  While it 
can't guarantee it can close every session cleanly, it can guarantee 
starting cleanly.

Also, if any temp files are written to the OS temp folder 
(specialFolderPath("temporary")) the OS will take care of those itself 
sooner or later, often on the next reboot.

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