How to detect that user closed window

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Thu Feb 5 15:44:50 EST 2015

It doesn’t work in the IDE. I tried it. I set a checkpoint on the first line of that very handler, and I got the save dialog before the handler was triggered, which is why I put it in the frontScript. Besides, in the frontScript, it works no matter which stack or substack I close. This is important to me not just because I want to suppress the save dialog, but I actively set properties as a poor man’s stack global variables, so making sure the stack is saved when I close it is a necessary part of my applications, and giving the user the change to discard changes can adversely affect the operation of my applications.

Bob S

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The IDE can be easily suppressed with...

on closeStackRequest
  lock messages
   save this stack
   pass closeStackRequest
end closeStackRequest

Hugh Senior

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