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Jim Lambert jiml at netrin.com
Thu Feb 5 13:05:16 EST 2015

> Richard wrote:
> PS: Annoyance report:  If I run that script above as a single line in 
> the Message Box, a la:
>   get binaryDecode("h*", sha1digest(tSomeString), tHex); put tHex
> ...the Message Box shows "true", but when I run it in a button it shows 
> the expected hex string.
> Have any of you seen things like that? 

Something similar when user-created functions are in the message.

put time() into theTime; put theTime  —WORKS time() is a built-in function.

Now put this in the stack script:
	function richard
	   return time()
	end richard

In the message box:

put richard()  — WORKS

put richard() into theTime; put theTime  — DOES NOT WORK richard() is not a built-in function.

This may be somewhat related to your example in that getting binaryDecode() also populates the variable tHex.

JIm Lambert

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