How to detect that user closed window

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Feb 5 12:10:21 EST 2015

Bob Sneidar wrote:

> Nope. You would think it does, but I have this in the stack script:
> on closeStackRequest
>    save this stack
>    pass closeStackRequest
> end closeStackRequest
> I still get the save dialog when I close it.

The script above will work well in a standalone, but won't account for 
the IDE's needs.

The IDE monitors stacks for actions which would flag it as "dirty" 
(needing saving), but there is no general stack property for that.

Given this, saving will indeed save the stack but won't inform the IDE 
that the stack is now "clean".

Instead, you can let the IDE handle both with this, which I use in my 
Devo plugin:

    dispatch "menuPick" to btn "File" of grp "revMenuBar" \
      of stack "revMenuBar" with "Save"

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