gratuitous inclusion of oracle in 7.0.2-RC2

Dr. Hawkins dochawk at
Wed Feb 4 18:48:30 EST 2015

On Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 11:20 AM, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at>

> > I just saw livecode take 15 minutes building a standalone (quadcore
> > i5,16gb)...
> That's a very long time.
> indeed :)

I think it was something like 3-5 min with 5.5, but it probably wasn't even
that long

Can you give us some estimates (or actual numbers) for:
> - Number of objects


Lots and lots and lots.


I don't even know how to guess.

Looks like generally 60-200 per page on the main entry stack of 12 cards,
with about 1200 lines of code between the stack and cards.

Hmm, only 600 objects on the Chapter 13 plan; I"m surprised.

Who knows how many orphaned bits.

Ony a couple of simple images, and a couple of pdfs of court forms turned
into jpg images.

- Number of lines of code

12,000 lines of code (including older commneted out) in the main control
stack .

Another couple of sacks with 7000 and 3000 lines in the stack files.

30 cards in the stack of forms for general output, with six more in a
nevada forms stack, generally with little or no code -- but many hving
hundres of objects (theone I just opened has 450 to generatethree pages)

Probably 8-9k lines in the buttons for behaviors that reside one the first
page of the main sack.

A few more small stacks.

And some older parts of the program have more objects with scripts.

I'd sure love to have livecode distribute over a directory rather than be
monolithic . . .

- Total stack file size --

14.5mb--but versions from earlier today are 11.8mb.  Nothing of consequence
was added.

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