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> What to do when the compiler does not accept new variable
> (explicitvariables?, so it is well set to false). Your done, your script is
> not working anymore.
> it disappear and come again.

There is a very long standing bug in which the compiler claims "The error
was: local: name *shadows* another *variable* or constant"

A couple of us have thought at times that we had an angle on reproducing
it, but nothing to date.

The only solution is to quit livecode and restart.

It got much, much worse in earlier versions of 6, for which restarting
wasn't always enough, and I had to load in 5, save, and reload.  I don't
know about newer versions of 6.  It's about as common in 7 as 5.

Oh, and sometimes changing the name of your variable gets around this.

If you have in fact declared a global in some portion of the stack, using
the same name for a local will usually trigger this.  (I say usually,
because I've had it come up after months.  Perhaps those had compiled with
the local name prior to the introduction of the global)

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