firing mouseEnter msg of an Image control which was painted

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Mon Feb 2 12:11:24 EST 2015

This is too much. It is a bug. Though an interesting feature might be the addition of new messages, something like "paintEnter" or "paintWithin". But these should always be either nonexistent, or separate from the enclosing image.

Anyway, I posted earlier that even if you erase all the paint that you once placed inside, the message lockout persists in the image. This to me is a source of wonder and irritation. It should not be permitted that an "overlay" of paint changes the properties of the object over which it lies. No other object sandwich works that way, or ought to.


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Putting a mouseWithin handler within the image shows that this message too
is not fired, unless the mouse pointer is over a painted area.  Again, once
the image is selected, then mouseWithin is sent even when the pointer is
over a non-painted area.


On Mon, Feb 2, 2015 at 3:10 PM, Bernard Devlin <bdrunrev at> wrote:

> And another oddity:
> once a painted image control is selected, then mouseEnter is fired upon
> entering the rect of the control.
> Bernard
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