firing mouseEnter msg of an Image control which was painted

Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at
Mon Feb 2 10:10:09 EST 2015

And another oddity:

once a painted image control is selected, then mouseEnter is fired upon
entering the rect of the control.


On Mon, Feb 2, 2015 at 3:08 PM, Bernard Devlin <bdrunrev at> wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestions.  I'm guessing I'll need to use some kind of
> proxy control (as Scott suggested) to tell me when the mouse has entered an
> image control which has been painted.
> I need to be able to distinguish when the mouse enters this type of image
> control rather than other types of image, and I was doing that by having a
> custom property set on such image controls. The painted area may only be 5%
> of the image, and I need to know when the control itself is under the mouse.
> Here's another oddity: mouseMove is not fired until the mouse enters the
> painted area of such an image control. Odder still, mouseLeave is fired
> even when the painted area is far from the rect of the image control. So,
> the firing of mouseEnter and mouseLeave are very different when an image
> control is in this state.
> Should this (unexpected?) behaviour of painted images be classed as a bug
> or a feature?
> Regards
> Bernard

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