firing mouseEnter msg of an Image control which was painted

Scott Rossi scott at
Sun Feb 1 23:52:54 EST 2015

A few ideas, none of which may work for your situation:

- Fill the image with the same background color as your card, so the image only *appears* to be transparent when not “painted".

- Place an opaque graphic (could have its blendLevel set to 100) directly behind the image and do your mouseEnter detection there. You may need to disable the image so the mouseEnter message in only triggered once while within the image’s rect.

- Use the within operator in a mouseMove card script or frontScript:
on mouseMove X,Y
   if mouseLoc() is within rect of image “myImage” then do stuff
end mouseMove


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On Feb 1, 2015, Bernard Devlin <bdrunrev at> wrote:

> How can I get the mouseEnter to fire when the mouse enters the image
> control's border, once the image control has been altered with the paint
> tools?

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