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> Personally I'd feel like I was being pompous if I insisted that the title
> of Dr was used to address me outside of academia. Again, no criticism of Dr
> Hawkins. I am guessing that, in his world, it's customary.

Actually, this account was set up many years ago, while I was a
professor--it's a very early gmail accoun, from when the invitations were
hard to get.  It's "dochawk" instead of "hawk" for no other reason than the
minimum name length was six characters (almost none of the namespace was
occupied). Since I needed something longer, i used dochawk, which was also
my Penn State email (and that because the computer wouldn't issue hawk, as
it was a substring of two other email addresses).

I've never introduced myself as Dr. outside of a classroom, although in
various organizations others have used it.  And a few yers ago, a couple of
pople started calling me "Doc", which not only stuck but spread. Out of
control.  For crying out loud, even my priest has dropped my name in favor
of "Doc" :)

I do tend to fill out forms and credit cards with "Dr." or "Dr. R E" as I
do get annoyed by salesmen calling with my first name, trying to sound like
someone I know.  Listening to them stumble as they get "Dr. R. E." on their
screen instead of a first name is one of life's little pleasures :)

And my attorney trust account reads "Dr. Richard E. Hawkins IOLTA
account"--but not by my choice (actually, over my objection).  My wife has
always like the checks to read "Professor & Mrs. Richard E. Hawkins" or
"Dr. & Mrs. . . ."   We already had a checking account at the bank, and
when I opened the trust account, an examiner happened to be at the
branch--and she insisted that it had to match.  Apparently, at some point,
the "Dr." had drifted off the checks and onto the account itself . . .

Dr. Richard E. Hawkins, Esq.
(702) 508-8462

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