shell() vs terminal re. ssh

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Dec 24 01:12:16 CET 2015

Monte Goulding wrote:

 > You probably want to make sure the remote user is pretty restricted
 > too. Anyone that has control of your web server user will have
 > control of that account too.

Good thought.  I try to keep in mind all connection points between 
servers I manage, and on my own I also completely disable password 
login, lock out root, and move SSH to a non-standard port (the latter 
isn't for security of course, just to keep logs readable by reducing 
script kiddie noise).

In this case both servers only live within the client company's internal 
network, and given their annoyingly well-enforced password policies I 
feel okay with this setup for now.

I'd still prefer a wrapper solution, if only I could find one that 
works.  But for now at least a deadline is met, and with both machines 
on the same rack the transfer speed is wonderfully fast.

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