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Tue Dec 15 14:39:04 EST 2015

I've built a mobile stack with a player that plays a remote video from a
web site. This would solve your card opening delay issue, and would keep
the file size of your stack down.  I might be wrong, but I also seem to
recall the entire video doesn't need to be loaded to be playable.  Just
display a busy indicator while the video is initially loading so your
users know that something is happening when the card opens.


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>On 14/12/2015 20:58, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>> On 12/14/2015 1:23 PM, Ben Rubinstein wrote:
>>> 2) making it into a GIF on the card, which works quite nicely except
>>> that there's an enormous delay going to the card, presumably as the
>>> animation is buffered.
>>> Pros: can be exactly the size I want; plays quite smoothly
>>> Cons: I've not managed to play this from an external file, and if it's
>>> embedded on the card there's an unacceptable delay.
>> You could try the "prepare image" command to load the gif ahead of
>>time. It
>> works well for me, but I haven't ever tried it with gifs.
>Thanks Jacque and all who've replied.
>I should have given more details - my animation is actually a rendering
>from a
>3d model - it could happily be a video, except for the frame size issue. I
>looked into the "prepare image" command - however you can only use it for
>image on disk, or an image on the current card; my problem (with an
>image) is that there's a delay on going to the card, because the image is
>being loaded.  Loading the GIF from an external file might be better but
>couldn't make this work on mobile - should it be possible? Do I want a
>relative path or an absolute one?
>Many thanks,
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