Goodbye stsMLXEditor

Peter Haworth pete at
Mon Aug 31 00:31:44 CEST 2015

I decided to give this another try since I really like using Textmate.

The plugin watches the modified date of the Textmate file and if it changes
,sets the script of the related object to the contents of the file. If any
compile errors are detected, the plugin displays them in a window.

However it seems that not all errors are detected.  So far the missing
errors are those associated with Strict Compile mode, e.g. missing local
variable definitions, missing quotes around certain language elements.  If
there is an error of that nature in the Textmate file, you are not notified
of it and it appears that the new version of the script is not updated into
its related object, thus edits are lost.  I have no idea why any of that
should be.


On Sat, Aug 29, 2015 at 4:51 PM Richard Gaskin <ambassador at>

> Peter Haworth wrote:
>  > Did lots of script editing in Textmate today via stsMXL plugin.  Saved
>  > several times along the way, quit TextMate and Livecode.  Next time I
>  > ran Livecode, all my edits were gone.  Maybe it needed a final save or
>  > something but should have received warnings if so.
>  >
>  > Back to the IDE SE for me
> There's nothing magic about editing scripts.  Whether the script is
> copied out of an object into a text field or into a temp file, the
> sequence is largely the same:  an editScript message initiates the
> action, and a "set script" command puts the script back into the object
> it came from.
> It may well be that the very old stsMXL plugin could use an update, but
> for those who like using external editors I would encourage considering
> it as a useful starting point for a solution that can be every bit as
> robust as using a text field.   Voodoo need not apply; just get a script
> and set a script, and what happens in between can be done by any means
> you prefer.
> If your edits were indeed put back into the objects you thought you were
> editing, and the stack those objects were in was indeed saved, something
> else went wrong.
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