Script-only stacks [was: Re: Script Editor future]

AndyP smudge.andy at
Sun Aug 30 10:43:43 CEST 2015

Script only looks interesting, and I'm wondering if this concept could be
extended further?

If there was a mechanism to seamlessly switch between script only and GUI
construction, so that one could build with the GUI and as one builds a
companion script only representation of your build is created, this would
have to work the other way round so that changes to the properties of GUI
elements in the companion script are reflected in the GUI version.

With this arrangement, using git and external editors becomes easier to
integrate with the added benefit that one could implement a 2 save option,
saving a GUI version and a script only version of your stacks to different
locations at the same time.

I'm not in the same league as Monte so I have no idea if this is doable.
Just throwing it out as an idea:-)

Andy Piddock 

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