More TopStack-DefaultStack Mysterious - TraveralOn (false) Selection lost?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Aug 29 16:23:17 EDT 2015

Brahmanathaswami wrote:

 > 7.1.rc 1
 >   I could have sworn this used to work:
 > make stack # Call it no. 1 "utilities"
 > create button
 > set traversalON of the button to "false"
 > on mouseUp
 >     set the defaultstack to the topStack
 >     put  selectedChunk()
 > end mouseUp
 > set stack 1 to palette mode.
 > go to stack 2 with text in a field selected
 > in the utilities stack... click the button:  even though the
 > traversal is set to false for the button the text selection in
 > the top stack field is lost /de-selected result
 > char 1 to 0 of fld 1
 > ??

Works here, and given how much of the IDE relies on that sort of thing 
I'd be surprised it a regression survived release.

Have you double-checked the palette mode, and the button's traversalOn?

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