[Bug] Red Dot Breakpoints Ignored - Recipe

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Aug 29 12:18:37 EDT 2015

Kay C Lan wrote:

 > In line with a recent post I made mention of the fact that I don't
 > use Red Dot breakpoints as they are ignored too often. I know others
 > have had similar complaints. But in the interest of seeing if
 > improvements have been made I just had a go in LC 7.1 rc 1 on OS X
 > 10.9.5 and made the following discovery.
 > New Mainstack with Script Debug Mode On.
 > Add a button
 > Add this script to the mouseUp handler of the button.
 > repeat with x = 1 to 10
 >     add 1 to x
 > end repeat
 > beep
 > Apply and click the button and confirm it beeps.
 > Now add a Red Dot breakpoint at the line: add 1 to x
 > Add the following Breakpoint condition: x > 4
 > Click the button and confirm the Debugger stops with x shown as 5
 > Now amend the condition to: x = 4
 > Click the button and on my machine the Red Dot is ignored.
 > Now amend the condition to: the quick brown fox
 > Click the button and on my machine the Red Dot is ignored.

The bad news is that I was able to confirm that the "x=4" condition is 
ignored in the LC debugger.

The good news is that the breakpoint triggers as expected when using an 
experimental debugger I'd written years ago.  That debugger is very 
sparse by design, with very minimal features and relying heavily on 
native engine behavior.

So it would seem the engine is fine, and all that's needed is some fix 
to the scripts in the IDE debugger.

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