A book for babies?

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sat Aug 29 03:20:23 EDT 2015

If you are*NOT* interested in teaching *small children* /LiveCode/ stop 
reading now.


Having taught a reasonably successful, relatively intensive course to 
*Primary level**
**children* during the summer, and starting a once-a-week thing in 
October I am quite
seriously thinking of putting together a *book* for Primary kids.

This would *NOT* be full of theorising, and *NOT* like a 'standard' text 
book; rather a
hands-on cookery book.

Obviously, a significant part of this book will be pictorial.


Seeing the vast and significant changes coming with *LiveCode 8.0.0.*

[and, to be honest, all I taught the children was doable in LC 4.5]

including its interface changes (at the moment I'm thinking of the 
**palette* and the *toolBar* stack) . . .

I am really wondering what the point is, as, any book I start on now 
will either feature screen shots
of the *LC 7 interface* or the *LC 8 alpha interface*; both of which may 
go down the pan just as my book
is ready.

ALSO . . . my course that will run from October to May will us LC 7 
(especially as the LC 8 series is in a state
of flux) . . . so any extra stuff arising (and, with hindsight, I can 
see lots of gaps that need to be plugged) will
also be framed in terms of the LC 7 interface.

As soon as a FIXED interface for LC 8 (???????) is released I will have 
to sit down and make myself
comfortable with it even before I start dishing it out either to kids in 
class or in the form of a book.


I should be glad of any advice, comments, and so on about my quandary.


In the light of some favourable responses I am wondering about releasing 
beta versions of my chapters under a non-disclosure
agreement to interested parties to torture their children with on the 
understanding that they will 'pay' for them by giving
me vigorous feedback.


In light of the discussions anent a possible 'unified IDE' ['that' 
picture], I also would like to know what chances
there are of that sort of thing being on the cards, whether it would be 
locked-in [heaven forfend] or optional,
and so on, as, were it to be present in LC 8.x.x it might be necessary 
to write a book with what could be termed
"a double feature" [think "Rocky Horror Show"] where almost every single 
screen shot has to be reduplicated
for the two interfaces . . .


I have no great desire to put together the sort of book I am talking 
about to find that it is outdated as soon as it comes off the presses.


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