LC 8 discovery kudos

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Thu Aug 27 13:59:32 EDT 2015

I had the following line for some reason in an existing stack:

repeat while the mouse is up with messages

and while this has worked in all previous incarnations of LiveCode,
LC 8 threw an error into the message box about it.

What I wanted was to allow system messages to happen while
in a tight loop, but that wasn't the right way to do it. I changed it to

repeat while the mouse is up
  wait 0 with messages

and everything's fine. So it seems that the script compiler has gotten
stricter about catching this kind of error (probably the 'with messages'
thing was just getting ignored before) and helped find a nascent error
in my code.

Thanks to the engine team for tightening things up.

 Mark Wieder
 ahsoftware at

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