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Thu Aug 27 09:12:50 CEST 2015

On 08/27/2015 09:59 AM, Charles Warwick wrote:
>> /I thought I'd just open up my text file using my //*external text editor*//(at which point one //
>> //     starts to wonder what the point of the Builder is)/
>> Both of those require questions, and at the risk of being a bore, I'll reiterate them:
>> 1. Why should there be recourse to an external text editor????
>> 2.  What is the point of the Builder if one cannot type code into it????
> LCB code needs to be “compiled”, that is the purpose of the builder as per Peter’s comment:
> "The "Extension Builder" tool is used for compiling and packaging extensions."


Well then the Documentation is awful as it makes none of these things clear.

Over the last 40 years (cripes what a long time) I have yet to encounter 
any sort of computer programming manual
that doesn't assume the reader knows all sorts of things already.

People who write these sorts of manuals ought to go and take a short 
course in reader-response theory, and
work on the basis that ALL the people who will read what they write are 
"steaming idiots" who know nothing
about the subject: then, even though the vast majority won't be steaming 
idiots (well, one hopes not) the stuff
will provide all the information that, at present, writers of 
programming manuals seem to think is given.


As one writes 'normal' LiveCode scripts into the built-in scriptEditor 
(although I see a lot of people are fed-up with it - has always
served me well), it would seem 'a good thing' for the Extension Builder 
to have a scriptEditor of its own, rather than having to
rely on an external text editor.


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