Script editor handler filter [was: Re: Script Editor future]

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Aug 25 07:15:33 CEST 2015

Charles Warwick wrote:

 >>> I recently modified the script editor to do exactly that, as a long
 >>> list of handlers was getting very annoying, and it has been working
 >>> very well.
 >>> I am happy to submit the changes to the git repository if it is of
 >>> any interest to the LC team.
 >> That looks like exactly what I had in mind!  Great work.  This is
 >> exactly the kind of change that we'd love to be able to accept into
 >> our git repository.
 >> Unfortunately, we aren't currently able to accept changes to binary
 >> stack files in the git repository, because we don't have the right
 >> tools to be able to review the changes.
 >> I'm really disappointed, because I'd love to be able to incorporate
 >> your changes.  We really need to improve our tools in order to make
 >> this possible!
 > I expected there might be some issues around that.
 > If it helps, I am happy to send through a list of the changes in
 > textual format via e-mail.  I appreciate that is a more manual
 > process from your side, so may not be suitable.

If the stack is shareable feel free to email a zipped copy to me.  It'd 
be a good test case for a stack diff tool I have somewhere on my hard 

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