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On 8/24/2015 3:30 PM, sanke at wrote:
> In September 2009 - 6 years ago - I filed a bug report "Bug 8275 -
> Groups: Bugs and features ("last group" broken)?" that as of today has
> not yet been resolved and is still listed as "pending".

I took a look, the report has 5 different issues, and it looks like they 
have all been resolved or aren't really bugs. Your report probably 
hasn't been closed because it was a composite of so many things, and not 
easily trackable. The group problem was fixed though.

> new features
> should be tested with test stacks under extreme conditions.
> I remember Kevin stating - about 10 years ago - that such test stacks
> could constitute a valuable tool for development, meaning that at that
> time such test stacks were not used - and I am really unsure if such
> development procedures are the state of the art implemented now in
> Livecode.

They have an automated test engine in place now.

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