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> This may have something to do with the fact that the "last" keyword does not work with groups. I left a note in the dictionary about this years ago.
> Anyone think that issue might connect to this one?
> Craig Newman

It could indeed be the case that these issues are related.

In September 2009 - 6 years ago - I filed a bug report "Bug 8275 - 
Groups: Bugs and features ("last group" broken)?" that as of today has 
not yet been resolved and is still listed as "pending". These and other 
problems IMHO belong to the substantial number of issues in 
Revolution/Livecode that are somewhat "fundamental" to the functionality 
of Livecode, but unfortunately never caught the real attention of the 
developer team. One can speculate about the reasons for this , e.g. 
whether it is a result of a very creative-spontaneous (but less 
organized) development strategy or even a certain disregard (or lack of 
knowledge) of established procedures in software development - that 
would have been easily accessible, but maybe were not accessed and 
consulted because of a certain lack of manpower. One of the basic 
procedures of organized software development is the application of  
"power testing" of newly introduced features, meaning that new features 
should be tested with test stacks under extreme conditions.
I remember Kevin stating - about 10 years ago - that such test stacks 
could constitute a valuable tool for development, meaning that at that 
time such test stacks were not used - and I am really unsure if such 
development procedures are the state of the art implemented now in Livecode.

Best regards,

Wilhelm Sanke

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