What is this - is anyone making money?

Mark Talluto userev at canelasoftware.com
Mon Aug 24 06:00:47 CEST 2015

> On Aug 23, 2015, at 6:46 AM, Todd Fabacher <tfabacher at gmail.com <mailto:tfabacher at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Great point Kay. So I searched google with LiveCode + startups, + money,
> +profit, +success, +App business, +business, + Venture Capital ...Mostly I
> got things like this:
> http://discuss.joelonsoftware.com/default.asp?biz.5.855727.7 <http://discuss.joelonsoftware.com/default.asp?biz.5.855727.7>

I like the last comment the most on that page:  http://discuss.joelonsoftware.com/default.asp?biz.5.855727.7 <http://discuss.joelonsoftware.com/default.asp?biz.5.855727.7>
Looks like they used the Showcase LiveCode once had on their site. The poster remembers using our software at a hospital. Cool.
I think LiveCode should bring the showcase back. It seems people new to LiveCode like to see what has been made with this tool after all. Who would have guessed?

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