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Sun Aug 23 04:41:48 CEST 2015

On 8/22/2015 8:01 PM, RunRevPlanet wrote:

> As a couple of concrete examples, that are mentioned elsewhere, but are repeated
> again in more detail, because this is a new thread.

I'll agree with all your suggestions, you've laid out a good list of 
things the editor should do and I've wished for some of those myself. 
But if anyone is interested in workarounds while we wait, here's what I do:

> restrict the Find and Replace to selected text.

I have a custom backscript where I put stuff I use frequently for 
development. Or you could just do it in the message box:

   get the clipboardData
   replace "oldvar" with "newVar" in it
   set the clipboardData to it

It might be faster than using a temp field.

> Then then there are bookmarks which are missing. The problem with the handler
> list pane of the current editor is that with a stack or card with many handlers
> there is a constant need to scroll up and down that if the two handlers I am
> working on have names widely separated in the alphabet.

This is sort of half-implemented, it needs to be finished. You can 
right-click on any called handler name and choose "Go to definition" in 
the contextual menu. That pops you over to the second handler instantly, 
even if it's in a different script. The part that's missing is a way to 
jump back to where you started. If it opens a second script tab, no 
problem. You can even detach the second tab and have both scripts 
visible at the same time.

If the second handler is in the same script and you only read it, the 
original one stays hilited in the left-hand list so you can just click 
there to go back. But if you click in the handler you just jumped to, 
the selection changes and you have to scroll to go back. I've often 
wished there was a way to go back where I came from, but it is a one-way 
trip for now.

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