[OT] Copyrighting games?

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at proactive-intl.com
Sat Aug 22 01:11:44 EDT 2015

> > Copyright registration is not required to be afforded some 
> protections 
> > under copyright law, but it affords _additional_ protection 
> under US 
> > law that makes your rights easier to enforce.
> >
> Most notably, the eligibility for statutory damages. If 
> memory serves, there are also better provisions for attorneys 
> fees.(Yes I am a lawyer, but this is a statement of the law, 
> not legal advice)

I think you are right. That's the bummer too. Without registration, you
could sue for actual damages but not necessarily for your attorney fees.

If you create works that are large / monolithic, like a book, it might make
sense to do just that. But if you produce a lot of small works, then that's
a real question, and there are some solutions I guess - for example, if you
are a photographer, I believe you can submit a kind of "sheet" with a bunch
of individual photos on it and have them all addressed under a single
registration. The last time I looked there were a few oddball variant
registrations like that.

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