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Thu Aug 20 13:39:08 EDT 2015

On Thu, Aug 20, 2015 at 1:29 PM, Kevin Miller <kevin at> wrote:

> I think this is a really important principal. Always use the highest level
> language you can for any given project. Offering that very high level
> language option is a big part of LiveCode's reason for being.

Or primary (if not sole) reason for being, right?  If not for the ease of
HyperCard, I would not be here today, using LC.

> Previously our primary choices were between LiveCode Script and a lower
> level language such as C. Now we have a third choice, an intermediate
> LiveCode Builder. Its much faster than C but slower than Script. It is
> going to excel at certain tasks. However we should always choose to use it
> only when it offers clear advantages above LiveCode Script for the project
> that outweigh the extra level of effort needed to use it. I know its very
> tempting having added a whole new language to build everything in that,
> but we must carefully resist that temptation and use it judiciously, only
> for what it is best at.

Will there be a list, or guide to help a LC script user to know when to use

> That pragmatic point out of the way, I haven¹t dug into the ins and outs
> of the Script Editor since LCB originated to know what the arguments are
> on either side. So I¹m not saying I know the right answer here. I know the
> tech team have done some more work looking on that but I haven¹t seen any
> definite conclusions from that effort as yet as we have other priorities
> in getting the first version of 8.0 out the door just now.
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