SFTP support [was: Re: Distribute beta versions of iOS app]

Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Wed Aug 19 18:41:51 EDT 2015

In line:

> The regular requests for SFTP support are noted and SFTP support is on 
> our internal list of feature requests -- indeed, I was recently 
> discussing it with Mark Waddingham.  However, it will be a large 
> project that will involve writing and thoroughly testing a lot of new, 
> security-critical code.  When we have the resources available to 
> implement it, it will therefore very likely be introduced an extension 
> available to LiveCode Business customers.

Hmmm, that's sad..As we mentioned before SFTP is "out of the box" for 
even little widgets that talk to servers, so not to make tha available 
to community... well, I just can't wrap my head around that. Lots of  
newbie users will be playing in the web dev world and sending and fetch 
files from servers is day two of "getting started with coding"  But the 
teacher will say "Oh... forget Livecode because you can't talk to our 

yes, "fiscally" it makes sense

Feature A (not on the kickstarter list) requires more $ therefore: we 
need to roll this into a product that has a revenue stream.

But... I do think *some* things should fall onto the open source side of 
the equation.
> In the meantime, you could work around the absence of SFTP support 
> (while maintaining server security) by creating an HTTPS web service 
> that allows uploads only by authenticated clients which provide a 
> valid API token.
> One thing I don't understand - please can you explain why you can't 
> just do your uploads by shelling out to the "scp" or "rsync" commands? 

Certainly can do that...in fact planning on it. Just need to get around 
to setting up SSH keys on all the different local machines here.

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