What is this - is anyone making money?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Aug 19 17:54:16 EDT 2015

Pyyhtiä Christer wrote:

 > As many of us I have paid for the licenses, put money out for free
 > development expecting some wanted features, continued for Indie
 > advancement payments (hope to live beyond the licenses expire),
 > I have to ask my colleague developers, are you making any money with
 > the apps you develop (with LC)?  Or is it just fun?

Buying a saw, a hammer, some nails, and some wood won't provide you a home.

A home is more than raw materials and tools.  It requires experienced 
skill.  And not just one, but a combination of many different skills, 
from architecture to construction to decorating and more.

A business is the same. There's more to it than just writing a check. 
Much more.

Every project I've worked on for many years has provided strong positive 
ROI for the owner.  Some of these are profitable products, others 
cost-saving internal tools.  All of them involve groups of people 
experienced in their parts of it working together toward a set of goals 
identified and prioritized according to the value they deliver to the 

It's not easy, but neither is playing piano, or managing archaeology 
surveys, or teaching high school English, or anything else people do 

To be good at anything is a function of time spent practicing.  Malcolm 
Gladwell estimates that the time needed to truly master just about 
anything is roughly 10,000 hours.  So at 5,000 hours one can expect to 
at least be very good, and at 1,000 hours far better off than not having 
spent the time studying the task at all.

If you want to succeed in business study it, practice it, and over time 
any reasonably smart person can become at least pretty good at it.

One great thing about LiveCode is that it's so good at ad hoc solutions 
that there are so many ways it can contribute to a startup, in addition 
to being the foundation for the startup's product.

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