Open Source Kickstarter Report Card

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Aug 19 21:33:05 CEST 2015

Ali Lloyd wrote:

 > As far as I'm concerned these have all been strict prerequisites
 > for any genuine progress on modernisation and usability improvements
 > of the IDE.
 > The biggest current roadblock is the script editor which is large and
 > dense, and the debugger.

Excellent progress.  With that foundational work out of the way it would 
seem an excellent time to optimize the most important part of the IDE, 
the script editor.

Version 7 is where the company makes money today, and as the foundation 
for v8 it's also where the company will make its money tomorrow.

So taking at least one engineer off of longer-term greenfield projects 
like Widgets to make sure the Script Editor is both robust and 
performant would seem an excellent investment, raising conversion rates 
now and in the future.

 > These will likely be best rebuilt using LiveCode Builder, once it has
 > sufficient features to do so.

I hear LiveCode Script is a pretty good language to program in. :)

Why not use what's in hand and working now to address things that are 
impairing the experience for people trying out the product today?

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