libCurl wrapper using LiveCode Builder [was: Re: SFTP support]

Lyn Teyla lyn.teyla at
Wed Aug 19 20:27:05 CEST 2015

Peter TB Brett wrote:

> The LiveCode engine can already do secure communication using SSL (Secure Socket Layer).  It would *probably* be possible to use "secure socket" to implement FTPS (FTP over SSL) in scripts, without any engine changes (i.e. in libUrl).


Given the following:

1. libCurl already performs many useful protocols (both secure and standard) such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, IMAPS, SMTPS, etc.:

2. libCurl appears to already be included by the LiveCode engine:

3. LiveCode's roadmap includes a revamp of networking/sockets using the new open language feature:


Have you guys at LiveCode Ltd thought about implementing this revamp of networking/sockets by simply writing a libCurl wrapper using LiveCode Builder?

There are a number of benefits to this:

1. The "hard part" would have been already taken care of by the libCurl people. Let them take care of all the protocol negotiation and keep up with any related security matters (which they do). No point re-inventing the wheel — just keep libCurl up-to-date with each new build of LiveCode.

2. LiveCode would support SFTP (among many others) right out of the box for all licenses, so Brahmanathaswami and others would be happy.

3. True non-blocking communication would presumably be possible, with it being handled by an LCB external rather than standard scripting.

4. Written in LiveCode Builder means more people from the community would be able to add to it if necessary.

5. We could have a full libUrl replacement (and more) by the time 8.0 is released.


If you guys at LiveCode Ltd could whip up a quick working LCB extension for the libCurl wrapper containing a couple of examples showing how it's done, I'm sure some members of the community (myself included) would be more than happy to help do the "mundane" work of fleshing it out per your instructions (so you can focus on other goals).

Any thoughts?

Lyn :)

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