[OT] Copyrighting games?

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at livecode.com
Wed Aug 19 18:39:21 CEST 2015

On 2015-08-19 18:25, Richmond wrote:
> I have recently invented a tiling game that can be produced as a
> physical game and as a computer game.
> This involved a lot of thought and a lot of work, and as a result I
> would like to try and make some money
> out of it rather than just "give it to the world".
> However, never having copyrighted anything except a book in 1985, I
> don't know how to go about this.
> My main concern would be, initially at least, within the European 
> Community.
> I would be grateful for any advice anyone can give me.

Since quite a long time ago now, every creative work automatically has 
copyright protection from the moment of creation -- and, by treaty, this 
protection extends worldwide.

There is no need to register your copyright any more in order to receive 
protection (although it may assist in enforcement).

On the other hand, whether you have copyright on something and whether 
you can make money out of it are usually uncorrelated.


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