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Wed Aug 19 01:22:09 EDT 2015

Richmond wrote:

 > My main 'beef' with an IDE of the VB6 type is that it blocks the
 > desktop from view and doesn't seem good if one wants to rearrange
 > where one's palettes sit on the screen.
 > Things might prove a bit awkward if one wants to make a stack as
 > big as one's desktop if one cannot shunt palettes around and about.
 > Of course this is all about taste (meaning it's all in the mouth)
 > so it would seem best, if an all-in-one IDE like the VB6 one is
 > to be introduced to have it as one of 2 options.

I believe it's more than about taste with LiveCode, it's about workflow.

LiveCode isn't like other languages, where working with controls is 
little more than a drawing program because nothing there is LIVE CODE.

For us, it's less like building an app inside of an IDE as it is running 
an IDE along side our apps.  Our windows are separate because they're 
real windows, not just inert proxies.

I went into this in greater detail a couple months back:

The Viewer widget needed for that UI will be very nice for us, but I 
fear making an IDE based around it, as it would no longer be truly LIVE 

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