Open Source Kickstarter Report Card (Updated)

Peter W A Wood peterwawood at
Tue Aug 18 09:07:58 EDT 2015


> Does "after LiveCode 8" mean "8.1" or does it mean "9 or maybe 10"? Because that could make quite a difference.

It means that I don’t think it is going to be in any of the LiveCode 8.xx releases based on my memory of snippets of information on this list and in the forums. (Which could well be wrong).

I didn’t know whether to use LiveCode 9 or LiveCode 10 for the major release after LiveCode 8. I remember it being mentioned by one of the LiveCode team that “Open Language” was going to be such an improvement that the release of LiveCode that included would be called LiveCode 10. (To be fair to the LiveCode team, this was said before Windows 10 was announced as the name for Windows 8 + 1).



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