BAF and other things - I am confused...

Rolf Kocherhans rolf.kocherhans at
Tue Aug 18 06:17:01 EDT 2015

I didn’t wanna chime in into all those discussions, but I am totally confused by
the LiveCode mothership recently, and I have to now.

I am confused with the new BAF License and all the talk about SVN.

It is very clear to me that SVN does make a lot of sense to everyone. Therefore
I programmed a plugin and made it available to all for free already in 2012
( ).
Monte also had a go at the subject in a much more professional way !

Now when I read about Business App Framework features here: it says:

The BAF separates out parts of a project into individual files, with template definitions
and scripts stored as text.

Is this not what SVN needs ?
Can we now all stop talking about creating an SVN Plugin or beg LiveCode to
incorporate SVN into the IDE because we now just need to buy the Business Edition
since all the work is already done ?

And if it is not so, can someone from the Mothership please show us in a Movie
or similar way what the BAF exactly does ?!
How could one decide to buy or not to buy it when we know so little about it.

Second question:

The new Widgets and the new LiveCode Builder language, when and how do we get more
information about how to use the Language ?

I had a look at all the movies and blog posts, but to be honest, for me the present info is not
at all enough to feel confident that I can create widgets on my own !

Can the mothership please chime in ?


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