Open Source Kickstarter Report Card (Updated)

Peter W A Wood peterwawood at
Tue Aug 18 09:21:39 CEST 2015


The first thing to note is that LiveCode Ltd has open-sourced LiveCode under the GPL licence. It is freely accessible on Github.

The second thing to note is that the majority of the Kickstarter rewards have been delivered. Only delivery of printed copies of a new updated dictionary after final Kickstarter project delivery remains to be completed.

There seems to have been three other major deliverables promised in the main campaign:

Deliverable						Status
Re-engineer the whole platform			Completed
A new technology: “Open Language”		Early alpha of the pre-requisite LiveCode Builder released (LiveCode 8.0)
								Open Language will be in a release after LiveCode 8.0
A new visual editor					Early alpha released (LiveCode 8.0)

There were a number of deliverables promised through stretch goals which were met:

Deliverable						Status
Resolution Independence				Completed
Pluggable Themes					Pluggable Themes will be in a release after LiveCode 8.0
Cocoa							Completed
Physics Engine						Physics Engine will be in a release after LiveCode 8.0
Windows/Phone 8 Theme				Windows/Phone 8 Theme will be in a release after LiveCode 8.0
Vector Shape Object					Vector Shape Object will be in a release after LiveCode 8.0
Reworked Multimedia Support	
	New Player					Completed on OS X. Windows in release LiveCode 8.0. Linux ???
	Multi Channel Sound				OS X : Linux : Windows ???
	Sound Recording				???
New Browser Control					OS X, Windows completed. Linux with LiveCode 8.0

I’d appreciate if somebody could let me know the status of the items about which I’m unclear and any mistakes I have made.



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