Open Source Kickstarter Report Card

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Tue Aug 18 08:04:38 CEST 2015

Richard said:

 > All the cool new greenfield stuff will
 > be just a playground for an aging
 > audience of a fixed size if newcomers are
 > disappointed with very basic
 > essentials.

That's the thing, because I know how *awesome* LiveCode is, I have been willing
to put up with the IDE as it stands.

Then the Kickstarter Campaign reached the target, and gave me hope that the IDE
would improve.

But when LiveCode 8.0 DP came along (and internal debugging code
notwithstanding) it is disappointing. I was under the false impressions that
after putting up with 7.0, version 8.0 was to be the good one.

But no, it is even slower and it feels like it is conspiring to waste my time
when I try to do tests as have to watch as menus redraw, the editor scrolling,
or I am waiting for the text cursor to appear.

Richard said:

 > If I were running the show (and there
 > are many reasons most people are glad
 > I'm not) I'd take my best engineers
 > and put them on the script editor
 > full-time until it's clean, robust,
 > and performant.

Wise words.

If the LiveCode tech blog had periodic updates about this sort of work (not the
you won't believe the amazing things we have for you in the future type) and DP
builds so we can test and feedback, then I would feel much more easy about the
direction and ability of LiveCode to deliver.
Scott McDonald
"Components, Controls, Tools and Resources for LiveCode"

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