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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Aug 17 20:13:49 EDT 2015

RunRevPlanet wrote:

 > Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> RunRevPlanet wrote:
 >>> I understand that things take longer than expected, but when I read
 >>> the Kickstarter Campaign it is clear that the new IDE is a core
 >>> part of the next generation. It is not a stretch goal, and is
 >>> repeatedly emphasised as a core part of the project.
 >> Why?
 > Why do I care about a new IDE, because I know programmers who won't
 > use LiveCode because of it. Sure, that is their loss and they miss
 > out on the wonderful tool that is the xTalk language and LiveCode.
 > But the fact remains that the way a new IDE was a core feature of
 > Kickstarter Campaign acknowledges that:
 >  1. The current IDE is less than beautiful.
 >  2. The current IDE is not designed around today’s usability
 > standards.

Being new will only guarantee that it's new, not necessarily that it 
will improve the workflow.

What usability standards do you feel are not well reflected in the 
current IDE, and if Kevin made you IDE Czar tomorrow what are the first 
three things you'd do to fix that?

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