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Björnke's Docu2 dictionary tool.

On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 9:02 AM Richard Gaskin <ambassador at fourthworld.com>

> William Prothero wrote:
>  > Regarding tagging, searching, etc, I’ve experienced very primitive
>  > search boxes and they can be extremely primitive. (read useless
>  > almost). It is very difficult to build a great search system. Google
>  > has done that. It is possible to get Google to index web pages.
>  > Perhaps there should be thought given to taking advantage of Google
>  > search to get the context information that we need from the
>  > dictionary.
> The degree of difficulty in delivering good search results is in
> proportion to the conceptual range of queries and the size of the data
> being searched.
> If we want to provide accurate search results for everything from
> "arrayEncode" to "Britney Spears", and do so across billions of Web
> pages, best leave that to the pros.
> But to search for terms related to LiveCode keywords is a much smaller
> problem, both in conceptual scope and index size.
> Besdies, with LiveCode we need an embedded search engine, something
> small and nimble enough to be usable on any computer even when not
> connected to the Internet.
> The scripts for indexing and retrieving content isn't the hard part.
> The hard part is prioritizing it so it gets done.
> Truly great indexing can be a lifetime's work; indeed for many it is.
> But our needs are so modest, and our current search so limited, that
> even just a non-stemmed full-text index of the current Dictionary, with
> extra weight for token names, would satisfy a majority of requests quite
> well using data already in hand and reasonably simple scripts.
> If we then add crowd-source tags, the index would get ever smarter over
> time with minimal scripting effort.
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