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> > 2.  12 classes of objects . . . well EPS seems to have gone the way of
> all flesh . .
> EPS always relied on a display postscript system which was only ever
> available on some higher end Unix systems way back.

But it sure would nice to be able to include eps.  Ultimately, I am likely
to be forced to a platform with serious eps/pdf support

> 3. How come after 15 years with LiveCode I have NEVER heard of
> 'try/catch/throw' ? is this because they are pointless,
> > or am I missing something extremely important?
> They are used for error handling. It allows you to catch runtime errors
> and then take appropriate action when they occur.
They come up every few months on this list

> > 6. "any groups on the current card are automatically placed on the new
> card": well that didn't happen just now when I tried it in 7.1.
> >    but CLONE was introduced at version 1.0, so why was this capability
> dropped?
> It hasn't been. I believe background behaviour groups still behave like
> that.

They do; I am heavily dependent on them

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