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> 1. 'Transcript' . . . not anymore, BUT does the language-qua-language have a name that is distinct from the IDE?

Well LiveCode is the umbrella... LiveCode IDE and LiveCode Script being what we use when it's not clear from context.

> 2.  12 classes of objects . . . well EPS seems to have gone the way of all flesh . . 

EPS always relied on a display postscript system which was only ever available on some higher end Unix systems way back.

> 3. How come after 15 years with LiveCode I have NEVER heard of 'try/catch/throw' ? is this because they are pointless,
> or am I missing something extremely important?

They are used for error handling. It allows you to catch runtime errors and then take appropriate action when they occur.

> 4. chunk expressions: err . . . ok, SENTENCE was introduced in LC 7.0  "delimited by UniCode sentence breaks', that is going to need
> some explaining, especially as a 'sentence' may be a concept that isn't present in all languages ???

Indeed. Sentences in LiveCode are defined by the standard rules mandated by the unicode consortium. They are 'useful' for mechanical operations such as in text editors, but are only an approximation to real linguistic analysis (which would be too ambiguous for the contexts the intended definition is purposed for).

> 5.  cross-platform conversion of custom props. well in 1.1.1. it didn't happen; does it happen now?

In 7 it's no longer relevant. Text custom properties are stored as text so there are no charset issues.

> 6. "any groups on the current card are automatically placed on the new card": well that didn't happen just now when I tried it in 7.1.
>    but CLONE was introduced at version 1.0, so why was this capability dropped?

It hasn't been. I believe background behaviour groups still behave like that.

> 7. Stack Mover: I cannot see that in the Application Browser for 7.1 . . .

I'm not sure what that is...

> Would be most grateful for any answers to the above, and especially #3.
> Richmond.
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