Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sun Aug 16 13:37:20 EDT 2015

So; just back from a computer-Free weekend in the villa; so read the 
Revolution 1.1.1. guidebook and coming up with several questions:

1. 'Transcript' . . . not anymore, BUT does the language-qua-language 
have a name that is distinct from the IDE?

2.  12 classes of objects . . . well EPS seems to have gone the way of 
all flesh . . .

3. How come after 15 years with LiveCode I have NEVER heard of 
'try/catch/throw' ? is this because they are pointless,
or am I missing something extremely important?

4. chunk expressions: err . . . ok, SENTENCE was introduced in LC 7.0  
"delimited by UniCode sentence breaks', that is going to need
some explaining, especially as a 'sentence' may be a concept that isn't 
present in all languages ????

5.  cross-platform conversion of custom props. well in 1.1.1. it didn't 
happen; does it happen now?

6. "any groups on the current card are automatically placed on the new 
card": well that didn't happen just now when I tried it in 7.1.
     but CLONE was introduced at version 1.0, so why was this capability 

7. Stack Mover: I cannot see that in the Application Browser for 7.1 . . .

Would be most grateful for any answers to the above, and especially #3.


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