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On Fri, Aug 14, 2015 at 8:12 PM, Roger Eller <roger.e.eller at>

> Not contributing time and code does not necessarily make one a leech!  Many
> of us contributed monetarily to the kickstarter, and I believe that earns
> us just as many beech points as anybody.


Everyone who posts here helping others who have problems with LC are
productive members of the community - I'm amazed at the time some people
put in and am thankful for every single one of them.

'Constructive' criticism too is an essential element of a community if it
isn't going to stagnate, wallow and die in complacency. In this regard I
have added the odd bug report or enhancement request to QQC - and note how
rapidly the mothership responds. To me I rationalize that it's my way to
help contribute to the engine because I certainly don't have the ability to
contribute code. Yet how often do we hear complaints that something is
broken but the poster has not submitted a bug report? Or how few have
responded to the repeated request to check that your OLD bugs still appear
in current version of LC and if they don't REMOVE the bug report so the db
can be cleaned up and the Team can focus on relevant work.

Yes, if you've contributed financially you deserve to get what you've paid
for. I pay taxes in two countries. One has socialist leanings and has a
dole system. If I were to ever become unemployed in that country I would
expect to be 'covered' to the extent that the law provides based on the
fact that I'm a tax paying law abiding citizen. I persuaded the CFO to
contribute to the KickStarter campaign and as far as I'm concerned I got
what was paid for. The KickStarter campaign was to bring LC Open Source;
has that not been achieved? Yes, there are some goals that have yet to
materialise but I've never seen anything to suggest that VCS or Git support
or a Business Framework was one of them. I have not seen any counter
argument to my MySQL example; what it's OK for them but not for LC to
differentiate between dual license versions?

Everyone should be able to have input, IMHO.

Absolutely agree, especially when that input is constructive. I didn't
intend to mean that people shouldn't post, my comments were pointed towards
the selfish attitude of I am entitled to this or that and 'someone else'
should pay/work to make it happen. I don't see how people can't appreciate
the gift they have been given, it's like those youtube videos of the
teenager whose just been give a brand new convertible car for their
birthday and they have a tantrum because it's the wrong colour - https://www

If you think her complaint is valid.... then I guess it must be a cultural
thing and I'm sorry if I disapprove of such an attitude and that this
offends you.

Since LC went OSS it costs me A LOT less to own, compared to all the years
when it was Runtime Revolution, and it is a significantly better product
and just keeps getting better. Thank you Team!!!

Again, from my perspective, of all the communities I've ever been a part
of, it always the same, there is a microscopically small number of
dedicated Richards, Montes, Marks, Peters and Jacques who are in the
trenches day in day out and drive the work forward in the most amazing way.
Very few complaints from them, just constructive criticisms. There are the
masses of sheep who just happily get herded along in whatever direction the
community heads. And then there are the complainers, who sit on high, on a
horse if you must, or in their ivory tower, unhappy with the colour, or
that the work isn't being done fast enough, or their particular pet project
isn't being worked on, but they themselves, although the shovels are free,
don't ever seem to pick one up and actually step into the trench. In fact
I'll stick my head out even further and say that generally these people
will stay on their horses and tell everyone in the trenches that the flood
waters are rising and they need to work faster filling sand bags, and
disaster is looming and the levee is going to break but they will not get
down and help fill sand bags. And when the levee breaks they'll stand back
and say 'I told you so.' Completely unable to see that they themselves were
part of the reason for the failure. *

But then again, if you are saying that everyone should be able to complain,
then I guess you are agree with me that I have every right to complain
about the complainers;-)

"I think all right-thinking people in this country are sick and tired of
being told that ordinary, decent people are fed up in this country with
being sick and tired. I'm certainly not! And I'm sick and tired of being
told that I am". the late great Graham Chapman.

2 hr posting : 0 lines of Engine/OSS code added : 0 bug/enhancement reports
to QQC this week.

* I have an hypothesis that there is a definable ratio between workers :
complainers that can accurately predict whether an OSS project will
succeed. If a community was made up solely of teenagers like the one in the
video, I predict it would fail, miserably.

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